Clarifino was established through discovering my purpose and embodying my highest self. Two of the tools you will gain from attending this incredible retreat.

From first hand experience, I know how it feels to lose your sense of direction in early adulthood. It is a challenging phase of life to navigate. Having said that, through the obstacles I have overcome I learned how to align my dreams and desires with my reality. In short, that is what I am here to help you achieve for yourself!

It not only consumed my life, but also my identity and sense of self. Dancing on Broadway was where my dreams were focused, but a serious injury to my lower back during my senior year of college changed the course of my future significantly.

Therefore, the hard truth I had to accept was that the current path I was on was no longer sustainable for my body. In other words, I needed to decide what else I could do with my life.

As a result, this journey directed me to surrender to yoga and receive its remedies for the mind, body, and spirit. The transformation I experienced through my yoga practice helped align me with my purpose and consequently treat my injury through living more intentionally.

In my professional life, until just a year ago, I worked in the wedding industry in New York City. Above all, I became captivated with the feeling of running events. In addition, I sought out tiny details that made the experience unique and special. Nurturing wedding clients and making them feel supported in a way they’ve never felt before filled me up with so much joy.

However, what I realized was that I was not living up to my highest potential. As a result, I searched to find a way to combine my studies of yoga with my passion for coordinating events. From blending my skills, passions, and talents, I moved to the island of Bali, created Clarifino, and grew my Life Purpose Coaching business.

I became a certified Life Purpose Coach through the Dharma Coaching Institute and learned the frameworks and tools it takes to guide clients to discover their own purpose.

Now more than ever, the world needs your unique gifts to be of service for humanity. I believe every person was brought to this Earth to fulfill a purpose. Let’s uncover your reason for being and make a plan to align your reality with your dreams and desires.

Welcome to Clarifino,

What my Coaching Clients are Saying:


Every time I coach with Grayson, I gain a brand new perspective on something. She makes it easy to draw connections between the present moment and my highest self. When I speak with her, I come out of the session clear-minded and feeling relaxed. She holds such sacred space and makes me feel truly respected and listened to.

Chicago, IL


I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by the lovely Grayson. She made me feel safe and understood, while opening my eyes to seeing things in a new light and encouraging me in taking steps in a direction that truly serves me. After every session I felt so much lighter, inspired and ready to take action! Thank you, Grayson, for being your passionate, loving, courageous and free-spirited self and thank you for encouraging others to shine their light as bright as you do.

Stuttgart, Germany


Grayson has been so awesome to work with. She helped me identify my blockers and work towards my vision. She wrote out a plan to help me achieve my goals and I could not be more thankful for her positive, uplifting, & motivating energy in living out my purpose.

San Francisco, CA